7 Common Signs It May Be Time For a Roof Replacement

Most homeowners are clueless about the health of their home’s roof because, firstly, you don’t check it every day, and secondly, it is never on the top shelves of our priority list. With so much going on in our lives, it doesn’t come as a surprise that most homeowners are guilty of not maintaining their roof properly. Hiring a professional Pflugerville roofing company for maintaining your roof is an ideal option as they would inspect your roof quarterly or half-yearly for any damage or warning signs. It ensures any damage is immediately rectified and helps increase the lifespan of the roof.

However, every roof has its lifespan, no matter how well you maintain or take care of it. Even when the roof is not subjected to any storm damage, mold growth, or other common problems, it gives up due to general wear and tears. Roof replacement becomes necessary in such a situation. Delaying the process of replacing your old roof can prove expensive later on as it may interfere with the house’s structural integrity or may cause water leakage, damaging the home’s interiors and other valuables. If you’re not sure when it is time to go for roof replacement, here are a few common signs to look for:

Water Damage

If you notice water leaking from your roof or if the ceiling of your house is damp or leaking water, it is time to check the roof. At times, a minor repair job can fix the issue. However, if this is a regular occurrence, you must go for roof replacement. Even when inspecting the roof, check for signs of areas that are always damp, irrespective of whether it has recently rained. It might be due to leakage from the water pipeline that has been slowly eating up on the roof’s health.

Mold and Moss Growth

It is one of the common problems that lead to roof repairs or replacement. If there is extensive mold and moss growth on the roof, which remains unchecked for a long time, water leakage is imminent. Mold and moss growth would slowly create gaps in the lining of roof materials, causing water damage and leakage. It can be repaired in the initial stages, but roof replacement is the only option after a while.

Light Coming Through the Roof

Pflugerville, Florida homeowners should frequently close the lights of their upper rooms during sunset and see if any light passes through the roof. If there are tiny cracks or holes through which light passes, it clearly indicates roof damage. Get it checked by a professional roofing company to determine if repairs are sufficient or the entire roof needs to be replaced. A thorough inspection would assess the extent of the damage based on which an informed decision can be taken.

Loose Roof Tiles

When you check your roof, it is important to see all the tiles are present and neatly aligned. If there are loose tiles on the roof or many tiles are missing, it greatly weakens the roof structure. Roof replacement is the only choice you’ve in such a scenario.

Aging Roof

At times, it is just time to bid farewell to your old roof. Every roofing material has a stipulated lifespan when installed properly, and it starts to show aging signs when it’s around the corner of its life cycle. If not replaced on time, there would be frequent roofing issues. The pricing of fixing it can be much higher than going for roof replacement. No roof lasts forever, so take the advice of a roofing professional and go for a new one when it’s time.

Debris in Gutters

If you regularly find pieces of asphalt shingles or granules of your roof coat in your gutter, it clearly indicates the health of your roof is deteriorating. A few granules or a piece of shingles here and there is normal, but if the quantity of granules and roof materials and the frequency in which you find them sounds alarming, it probably is. It is time for roof replacement, and the sooner you get it done, the better. Delaying can not only put your house and family at risk; it would add to your cost as delays can damage other structures of your house.


The roof of your house should be straight without any curves or saddleback in the middle. However, at times, due to storm or hail damage or for many other reasons, the roof gets weak. If you notice sagging on your roof and it doesn’t follow a straight line along the ridge, make sure to get your roof replaced immediately. It is a warning sign that your roof is weak and may collapse.

These are the few common reasons why you should go for roof replacement. Hiring experienced, certified, and licensed roofing experts would help you assess the damage to your roof and let you know if repairs could fix it or opt for replacement is the only option. In any case, one should not delay going for roof replacement as it is interlinked with many other attributes of a home. A damaged roof can trigger a trickle effect and give rise to many other issues, causing unwanted hassles and financial expenses.

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